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Brighton Marathon runners make their way down York Place. Picture by Tom Rush

Brighton Marathon runners make their way down York Place.

Brighton Journalist Works students made news on the run when covering the city’s marathon for three media outlets.

NCTJ students from fast-track, part-time and University of Sussex MA, filmed videos, took photographs and interviewed runners and supporters for The Argus, and Juice 107.2.

MA student Liam Evans and part-time weekend student Tom Furnival-Adams spent the day working on The Argus live story.

Tom said: “Covering the marathon for The Argus was a great opportunity to put into practice some of the skills I picked up during the multimedia journalism part of the course.

“As well as using various social media platforms I was able to pick up plenty of video content and practice interviewing members of the public in a real life situation.”

Liam was equally enthusiastic.

He said: “It was good experience and I got some vital dos and don’ts.

“The course has put us in good stead for doing real world journalism but there is always more to learn.”

The duo impressed The Argus web editor Matthew Brown with their work on the newspaper’s Brighton Marathon live story, which had 8-9,000 page views.

He said: “We were pleased with how it all went and how the students got on with it and took on board what was required.

“We really liked the videos.”

Part-time weekend NCTJ students Tom Rush and Tom Furnival-Adams worked for rival news organisations while covering the Brighton Marathon.

Part-time weekend NCTJ students Tom Rush and Tom Furnival-Adams worked for rival news organisations while covering the Brighton Marathon.

Fast-track students Isabella Cipirska, Becky Snowden and Frances Solomon, and part-time weekend student Tom Rush, produced multiple videos and photographs for the live story.

Tom was mobile, starting the day at Old Steine, moving up to York Place, and then to the finishing line, where he met up with his Saturday morning desk partner Tom Furnival-Adams.

Despite working for different publications they enjoyed the friendly rivalry.

He said: “It was good fun. It was actually pretty exciting as well. Sprinting all round the Old Steine trying to get the best spots and get all the tweets uploaded before anyone else.

“I learned a lot about approaching people for interviews and the perils of sound on videos in busy situations.

“Good trainers are a must and I should have brought a packed lunch.”

Isabella spent the morning at the finish line and secured an exclusive video interview with Gemma Steel, winner of the women’s BM10.

She said: “I enjoyed being right in the middle of everything that was going on, it was pretty exciting.

“I learnt that you should always make sure you have data on your phone for events like this, and an external battery pack.

“You should trust your instincts and always jump in when you spot a good opportunity. People are, 95 per cent of the time, happy to talk to you and polite and friendly.”

Frances, based at the Peace Statue on the border of Brighton and Hove, followed BM10 runners as they turned back for the finishing line and the marathon streaming in both directions.

She said: “For me it was a crash course in covering live events and using social media effectively as a journalist.

“Things I learned: go to bed early, a power pack is essential, pack food and drink, people are generally happy for you to interview and photograph them, but get their full name down.

“Social media is great for getting news out fast, but do not get too wrapped up in apps that you miss the story running past (I nearly missed the first elite coming past because I was looking at my phone!).”

Becky was mobile, setting out early in the morning at the start in Preston Park, before heading over to Grand Avenue, Hove, where runners flowed in both directions.

She said: “It was thrilling to be part of the action and follow the runners throughout the day. Seeing people I had seen at the beginning later in the course impressed me.

“It was difficult to get up so early on a Sunday and spend that amount of time recording an event. I definitely should have taken gloves and snacks with me!

“It was good to see the people who spent all day supporting not only their friends but everyone cheering non stop.

“Key things I learned were how to write a Twitter stream more professionally and to be a little more confident in talking to strangers.”

Fast-track NCTJ student Becky Snowden took a quick selfie while reporting on the Brighton Marathon in cold sunshine

Fast-track NCTJ student Becky Snowden took a quick selfie while reporting on the Brighton Marathon in cold sunshine

BJW online and mobile reporting tutor Sarah Booker Lewis managed the event for covering both the BM10 and Brighton Marathon.

Website editor Jo Wadsworth was thrilled with the 8.543 page impressions, 5,557 unique visitors on the Brighton Marathon story.

She said: “We’ve taken submissions from Brighton Journalist Works students in the past. This was the first time we worked so closely with them.

“Having worked with Sarah in a previous life, I was confident enough to hand over the site and our social media to her care for the day. I knew she would not let anything inappropriate through.

“The students really impressed us, not just with the volume of their updates but the variety of their reporting and the way they used various tools to do it.

“The amount of traffic we got on the day is testament to the fact people across the city were clearly attracted to the liveblog and liked what they saw.”

Jules Breach reporting for Juice FM at the Brighton Marathon

Jules Breach reporting for Juice 107.2 at the Brighton Marathon

Jules Breach, who studies on the part-time weekday NCTJ course, had a busy day broadcasting live for Juice107.2

Armed with an iPhone and mic, Jules interviewed runners at the start in Preston Park before moving down to the finishing line, speaking to supporters along the way.

She presents a weekly sports show for JuiceFM and worked with a team based on the roof of the Albion Hotel, close to the finish, as the station broadcast live from the marathon from 9am-4pm.

Jules said: “It was an amazing, very inspirational day.

“It was really exciting being part of such a huge event.

“I got emotional during a couple of interviews hearing why runners were inspired to do the marathon and why they chose their charities.

“It was quite overwhelming and heart warming.”


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