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“Brighton Journalist Works took me from being a graduate with a bunch of romantic ideas and turned me into a sharpened writer”…

It’s a story that everyone has heard before. Millennial goes to university without the grand life plan that is expected of an ‘adult’. I went into my degree with half an idea of what I wanted to do and left with even less. I travelled and worked a bunch of menial jobs while waiting for that special ‘thing’ to arrive in my mind that I wanted to do. Brighton Journalist Works gave me that spark.

I had started writing freelance just to satisfy that gnawing drive to do something creative when you work in hospitality or retail. Every contracted or full-time job said they wanted an NCTJ. I didn’t even know what that was, but my searching allowed me to stumble onto BJW. The more I read about what they did, the more it felt like something that I could finally commit myself to. I pushed myself to do extra hours at my old job, quit in preparation and decided that BJW was my path to be something that I wanted to be.

I remember walking in the first day and frankly, I didn’t know what to expect. When I had applied there was such a rush of purpose, but I feared I had built it all up too much. The atmosphere was so wonderful. I was in a room of people who seem to all have decided to strike out into journalism for their own reasons and it was honestly inspiring. They can take someone from all ranges of writing ability and give them the tools to be a journalist.

BJW took me from being a graduate with a bunch of romantic ideas and turned me into a sharpened writer. In such a short time I learned so much about how a journalist writes, edits videos and researches. The lecturers always look out for you and they are people who know the industry. They tell you how to make it, what skills you need and the work you must put in. The path is laid out before you by BJW and if you want to be a journalist then it’s the path you should run towards. It isn’t easy but it’s worth it.

I’ve made friends, I’ve learned a lot and I genuinely feel employable and focused for the first time. BJW keep supporting you after you graduate and if you have the skills then they will keep matching jobs to you and using their contacts to put you where you want to be. I couldn’t recommend it more.

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