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12th January 2015

Posted By: paulajw
Posted On: January 27, 2015

Image by Annie Mole on Flickr, licenced by Creative Commons

Image by Annie Mole on Flickr, licenced by Creative Commons

Image by Annie Mole on Flickr, licenced by Creative Commons

Production journalism was a new challenge faced by Journalist Works part-time students in January.

In an intensive seven-days of classes they mastered InDesign and created their first newspaper pages before taking their NCTJ exam.

Student Emma Clothier, who studies during evenings and weekends, wrote in her blog post A Productive Holiday to Remember how took a week off work to learn.

I found desktop publishing challenging but rewarding and found it gave me a new appreciation for the magazine I subscribe to and my sister’s work as a graphic designer.

A page will never be the same again and I plan to lay out my features and stories from now.

With practice, proof reading got easier and mistakes that had slid under the radar earlier in the week shouted out from the page and I enjoyed marking them up with the correct marks in my snazzy new red pen.

Fellow student Della Cheshire found the process very rewarding and found herself picking up on proofing errors in the Metro while riding the bus.

In her blog post week 14: The Trees in the Wood, she wrote:

I started reading yesterday’s Metro on the bus in this morning, and picked up two proofing errors.

I can remember them, but I can’t remember the story I found them in.

Every headline I read, I was thinking – ‘that’s a nice fit’, or ‘that could have done with a bit more work’.

So I fear my days of dreaming* of lounging in bed on a Sunday morning reading a newspaper are over – the dream doesn’t quite work if you have to imagine a red pen too.

* (I have a two-year-old.)

Emma and Della are supported on their NCTJ training course with help from the Journalism Diversity Fund.