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Posted By: paulajw
Posted On: October 24, 2014

Andy Cairns, head of Sky Sports News

By Jen Persson

Trainee journalists can be optimistic about their future in a changing
media environment according to Andy Cairns, Executive Editor of Sky
Sports News.
Speaking at Brighton Journalist Works he told an audience of more than
thirty students the public still want quality journalists to rely on
as trusted sources of original stories and breaking news.

Sky Sports News has revolutionised its approach to be a leader in the
digital delivery of sports reporting and launched its new look,
digital platform approach in August.

He said, “We want flexible, enthusiastic people with ideas, with
integrity and a commitment to quality journalism.

“It’s a really great industry to be going into if you’ve got energy
and skills, are mentally agile and think on your feet.”

However, hopeful students looking for work should appreciate how
highly competitive the job market is.

For every successful candidate who gets the position with Sky Sports
News after a demanding interview assessment day, there are about 24
who don’t.

Applicants considering work experience or the graduate trainee
programme must have a command of law, ethics, public affairs and
shorthand at 100 words per minute.
“Needing shorthand may surprise some people”, he said, in a world in
which mobile and social media play increasingly important roles.

But to be the first news organisation with the story is vital.

A journalist must be able to deliver a quick, accurate report or quote
for the onscreen news ticker, to tweet or to push to customers via

In a broad range of practical advice, the importance of passion for
the job and his genuine enthusiasm about the future stood out.

“While others will report the story, we explore the issue”, he said.

“You are the voice of your generation, and have a role to communicate
what’s important.

You can help shape how journalism will be in the future.”